NEWS FLASH: Exponential Business Building Bootcamp
Will Run From Friday 26th August to Sunday 28th August 2011!

“The Most Intense 3 Days You'll Ever
Spend Working ON Your Business”

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"Here's How You Can Develop an Unbeatable
'Exponential Marketing Mindset' And Achieve More
For The Growth Of Your New or Established Business
In 3 Days Than Most Business Owners Do In 3 Years"

The Exponential Marketing Bootcamp is a rare opportunity to work with the The Exponential Growth Strategist, Dr Marc Dussault.

Marc has re-constructed and re-designed this powerful, proven and guaranteed program so you can get the absolute maximum benefit available.

Included with your Bootcamp ticket are these three profit-maximizing deliverables...

The first deliverable is your Momentum Membership...

...A hand-picked collection of reference materials you will receive as soon as you purchase a Gold Ticket or VIP Membership.

Business Mastery VIP Membership

Above: The Business Momentum Memberships is a year-long
coaching-program-in-a-box that will put money in your pocket from day 1!

With your Business Mastery Momentum Membership in hand, you'll begin to grow your business, online sales channel or website sales well before you even step into the room at the Bootcamp!.

These "No-B.S". grounding materials have, on their own, delivered hundreds of thousands of dollars of sales to hundreds of entrepreneurs just like you all around Australia, and the "self-paced" nature of the program means your results are only determined by how much you TAKE ACTION on all the tips, strategies and secrets you'll learn.

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The second deliverable is even more valuable - it's "The Main Event":

The re-designed, re-engineered and rebuilt Intensive 3-day Exponential Business Building Bootcamp.

The Business Building Bootcamp is an experience you will remember and cherish for a lifetime. You'll look back and remember that this was when 'everything' about running your business changed for the better. (Scroll down to get a "sneak peak" of the full Bootcamp curriculum.)

Gavin Buckett
“I launched my first ($300) Google Adword Campaign with a make-shift website to be blown away with $17,000 of cash sales within the first 60 days. I've since doubled my database and expect to double my sales THIS financial year.”
Gavin Buckett
Founder and Managing Director,
A.G.B Solutions

This Year's Bootcamp Delivers Even More Value:
The New Program Has Been Extended By 12 Hours!

The Bootcamp is intensive in several different ways...

  1. This Bootcamp has been extended by an extra 12 hours devoted to workshops to make absolutely, positively sure you know exactly how to apply your newly-acquired skills, strategies and techniques IN YOUR BUSINESS.
  2. We will cover several strategies NEVER-BEFORE-REVEALED in Australia.
  3. Finally, the "Lightning Rounds" and Q&A sessions with Marc will be expanded significantly so you have more opportunities to get into the ‘Master’s Mindset’ and have YOUR specific questions answered right then and there!

These new enhancements make this a MUST-ATTEND event for ANY offline or online entrepreneur who wants to get his or her business going and growing as quickly as possible.

2008 Bootcamp Schedule

Master The Four Dimensions Of Business Breakthroughs And Blow The Locks Off Your Profit Ceiling In 2011

  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Management

Salivating To Find Our More? Here's A Taste Of Just Some Of The Profit-Expanding Morsels You And Other Ravenous Entrepreneurs Will Devour Over 3 Whole Days

The 21 Power Principles Of Exponential Marketing

  • 7 ways to out-think, out-perform and out-earn your competition:
    1. Maximise what you're already doing
    2. Multiply the opportunities available to you
    3. Monetize unprofitable areas of your business
    4. Create new products / services
    5. Profit from your competitors
    6. Reclaim past expenditures
    7. Become strategic instead of tactical
  • How to "Reverse Engineer" your (business) flight plan (this is the shortest path between where you are now and where you want to be)
  • Learn the Strategy of Pre-Eminence, or how to be the first person that pops into your prospects' heads the moment they think about your product or service.
  • Practical Marketing Metrics: Learn how to calculate the Lifetime Value, Marginal Net Worth and Allowable Cost Of Acquisition of a customer to explode your customer base WITHOUT increasing the proportion of sales you spend on marketing.
  • Discover how to differentiate, reposition and distinguish your business, product or service to make PRICE virtually inconsequential - EVEN in competitive, cut-throat industries.
  • Learn how to make irresistible offers that prospects can’t refuse
  • Learn to Up-Sell, Cross-Sell and Follow up-Sell to multiply profits from every transaction
  • Harness the Power of Testing to multiply your results faster, cheaper and easier
  • You'll get the 135 proven best headlines / propositions to use - simply "adapt and adopt" to suit your business.
  • Find out how there are ONLY three ways to grow a business
    1. Increase your number of clients (15 ways to do it)
    2. Increase your average transaction size (8 ways to do it)
    3. Increase the frequency of each purchase and the monetary value of each client (6 powerful ways to do it)
Neville Goncalves “We’ve increased sales 40% WHILE saving $2,800 in wasteful advertising in 3 months. It’s taken us a while to learn that you can achieve MORE by DOING less. We’re getting it now and loving it!”
Neville Goncalves
Co-founder, Amazon Power

3 Advanced Ways to grow your business even faster, safer and easier:

  1. Penetrating new markets (7 ways to do this)
  2. Adding new products/services (10 ways to do this)
  3. Purchasing your competitors’ business or assets (5 ways to do it)

The Power Parthenon of geometric business growth:

  1. How to continuously identify and discover hidden assets and overlooked opportunities in your business
  2. How to mine cash windfalls each and every month of your business operation
  3. How to engineer success into every action you take or decision you make
  4. The secret of building you business on multiple profits sources instead of one single revenue stream
  5. How to be different, special and advantageous in the eyes of your customers and clients
  6. How to create real value for your clients and employees to gain maximum loyalty and profitable results
  7. How to gain the maximum personal leverage out of every monetary, time or energy investment you make in you business
  8. The importance of Networking, Masterminding and Brainstorming with like-minded, success-driven people who can share with you
  9. How to turn yourself into an Idea-Generator and Recognized Innovator within your industry, field or market
Will Swayne “Within 1 month of attending the Bootcamp, my team implemented a few simple changes that have allowed us to raise our prices by an average of 30% and convert two cost centres - support and sales - into revenue centres.”
Will Swayne
Founder and Managing Director,

Just When You Think Your Head Is About To Explode With Exponential Possibilities, We're Going To Kick Into Overdrive!

  • Learn the 20 Marketing Mistakes Virtually Every Business Is Making and how to avoid or correct them
  • Growing your business is easy, once you know the 25 Ways To Out-market Your Competition
  • The 5 Keys To Winning Business in Australia and around the world
  • Learn how to get any mature business going and growing again
  • The concept of optimization and the Force Multiplier Effect
  • The 14 Key Mindset Factors you MUST master and how to do it
  • Become fearless, developing courage, farsightedness and leadership
  • You will learn the 25 MUSTS for every successful entrepreneur

Finally, you you'll create your own Personal Action Plan to go back into your business and take massive action to reap the financial and personal rewards.

Plus, you'll experience the business equivalent of "Trial By Fire":

The Hot Seat

Marc will also perform a full-blown "Hot Seat", an on-stage experience he has become world renown for. Click here or on the image below to learn more about the hotseat experience.

Click for more information about Hot Seats

Belinda Cohen “I launched my business and in the first month made a measly $1,000. Nine months later, I'm bringing in $20,000/month. As a personal coach that's unheard of. What can I say, when you apply it, this stuff works!”
Belinda Cohen
Founder and Managing Director,
Inspired Reality Personal Coach

Everything you'll learn during these intensive 3 days is based on a process of training, layering, case studies, example-rich illustrations and hands-on interaction. Nothing is left to chance.

You will spend time at your table learning and testing the theory and translating it to your working reality. Every two hours, you’ll change tables and start all over again with a new team of "MasterMinds" to help you craft your own set of ‘Ultimate Strategies’.

The MasterMind concept is unique – it’s one of the foundational principles of the VIP and Platinum Programs. (Click here for additional information on the Business Mastery Platinum Program.)

On the last day, you will be able to calculate the specific, tangible improvements that this program represents to your business. Others will share their insights for explosive compounded learning. This is by far the highlight of the event. You’ll be blown away at the innovative, creative and out-of-the-box ideas people come up with – ideas you can ‘capture’ and make your own!

If you are prepared to commit and take action, these 3 days are guaranteed to change your business forever.

This Bootcamp Will Be 3 Days Of Non-Stop, No-Holds-Barred Exponential Business Growth, But Only Committed Entrepreneurs Can Attend...

The 2011 event has been scaled down in quantity and scaled up in quality. Unlike previous years, there will be no ‘discount’ seats or 2-for-1 special deals. Every single person in the room will have paid for the privilege of being part of the experience.

As a participant, you’re looking for that extra ‘edge’ to get in front AND STAY IN FRONT of the crowd.

As an attendee, you’re looking to create at least $100,000 of new additional income to your personal or business bank account in the next 12 months. With the Exponential mindset, you know that acting strategically is MANY TIMES more powerful and financially rewarding that going for a quick one-time profit if it compromises long-term value and wealth creation.

Venue details and seminar times

Hyde Park Forum
Level 1
271 Elizabeth Street

Friday 26 August - 10 AM to 9 PM (registration from 9.30AM)
Saturday 27 August 9 AM to 9 PM (registration from 8.30AM)
Sunday 28 August 9 AM to 9 PM (registration from 8.30AM)


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Join the legions of business owners and entrepreneurs who have turned the turbos on their business growth, all starting with the Exponential Marketing Bootcamp -- you won't regret it. The only thing you'll regret is if you DON'T find out more and your competitor is sitting in your seat at the Bootcamp.

Testimonials Booklet“I recommend this event to anyone who is: looking for valuable ideas/strategies that can be immediately implemented to turbo-charge their business bottom line; wants information on creating multiple streams of income; wants to network with like-minded people; and definitely for anyone stuck in the day-to-day grind and in need of some powerful inspiration!"

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Dr Marc Dussault speaking at the 2007 Bootcamp