ATTENTION ambitious, super-achieving business owners:

“Take The Next Best Steps In Your Business
With An Automated ‘Accountability Officer’
To Get You On The Fast Track To Profits In 2014!”

Announcing the VIP Mastermind Club Membership

Allegra has just launched this unique and exclusive club to give you privileged access to ‘profit-building accelerators’ you need to make 2014 the best year you've ever had in business.

"Allegra is proud to sponsor this amazing program!"

"As a VIP Mastermind Club Member, you will have access to on-going support and activities specifically designed to help you acquire the skills you need to grow your business exponentially, regardless of your industry or budget.

Because we are making this available to a select group, you get the benefit of economy of scale. This is one of the fundamental principles Marc will teach you, how to leverage to get the most out of everything you do.

The one-time membership registration fee and on-going monthly fees do not bind you into any long-term contract. You can stop at any time, with no questions asked, no penalty. Marc and we believe we need to create value for you each and every month.

If you’re concerned about the costs, this program is not for you. The results this program will produce should dwarf the costs.

If you have 1 hour per week and want to grow your business 25 to 100% in 2014, register today and see what happens. It’s the best decision you can make to ensure that 2014 is your best year ever in business."

Eugene Montanez
Allegra Marketing Print Mail

The VIP Mastermind Club Membership combines all the necessary elements you need to get your business going and growing. Delivered electronically, each element has been specifically chosen to get your business on the fast track to profits as economically as possible.

This is for you if you...

  • Are relatively new to Exponential Growth Strategies this is the ideal introductory overview. It includes all the grounding materials for you to get acquainted with this ‘new way’ of doing business.
  • Have not been exposed to Tony Robbins’ Personal Peak Performance Principles, Jay Abraham’s Exponential Marketing Strategies and Brian Tracy’s Sales Mastery techniques. This unique membership will highlight them all, providing you with a simple-to-follow action plan.
  • Are just starting in business or have hit a hard patch and money is tight. This membership is economically priced so that you can learn to walk before you run. If you can’t afford this level of membership fee - don’t subscribe because you’re already in too much trouble for me to help you. These strategies are geared for growth - not trying to resuscitate a dying business. When you do recover from your current cash flow issues, you should re-visit this membership.
  • Want to be held accountable on a weekly basis. The membership has one touch point +/- every week so that you are never overwhelmed or burdened with the program. It’s an easy-does-it approach to learning.

Here's what you get with your
VIP Mastermind Club Membership

The business building components of the VIP Mastermind Club Membership include:

Quick Start Bundle

Component #1: Quick Start Bundle

The Quick Start Bundle is the minimum level required to get your business going and growing exponentially. It’s designed to start you on the path of the Exponential Mindset; to catapult your business profits onward and upward with the least amount of effort, as quickly as possible.

The Quick Start Bundle includes the following 4 volumes and 4 bonuses:

1. MindMapping DistinctionMindMapping Distinctions

The MindMapping Distinction shows you how to capture and communicate information 2 to 3 times faster than you are now. MindMapping is one of the communication "tricks" that super-productive people used to get twice as much done in one third the time.

2. Exponential Marketing Bootcamp Distinctions

To take your Next Best Step you need just one, single distinction that can make all the difference. The Exponential Marketing Bootcamp Distinctions contains over 214 money-making distinctions that could instantly produce profit explosions in your business, TODAY, THIS WEEK, THIS MONTH.

3. Exponential Mindset Case Study

This case study reveals a simple secret that could save you 17.5% in tax. Your accountant is probably not telling you about it …maybe because he or she doesn’t have a clue! That’s why you must get this case study with killer tax-SAVING tips from a quick-witted and brilliant accountant who could save you a few bucks. PLUS there’s an exponential twist included as a BONUS!

4. Marc’s Marketing Mistakes to AvoidMarketing Mistakes to Avoid

This is a list of failure traits you must avoid if you want to build a world-class company in the shortest time possible. You’ll close the gap between your current reality and your distant dream much faster once you learn the obstacles you need to overcome or avoid!

Bonus #1: 100 Exponential Marketing Strategy ChecklistMarketing Strategy Checklist

A simple, one-page killer checklist of 100 of the most-powerful Exponential Marketing Strategies you can deploy in your business immediately for maximum profits.

Bonus #2: Special Report: Make the trend your friendMake the trend your friend

In the Make the trend your friend you’ll learn how to develop the sixth sense of future ‘prediction’ so you can choose to ride the wave effortlessly for greater sales and lower costs. Just like swimming or surfing, it’s always easier to swim with the tide or current (the trend) than against it.

Bonus #3: The 1 Key to success and the 5 reasons your dreams WON'T come true1 Key to success

Here you’ll learn what’s holding you back. The BIG REASON WHY you’re still not where you thought you’d be by now. You’ll also discover the #1 key to success that super successful people do that you don’t.

As George Washington said: “Ninety-nine percent of failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.” This article goes through the 5 top excuses, one-by-one… so you can get rid of them once and for all.

Bonus #4: 7 days of the Advanced Business Coaching System  

Dr Marc Dussault has been deploying Exponential Marketing strategies in his and his clients' businesses for more than 20 years. He possesses an uncanny ability to 'dumb down' the complex into easy, bite-sized digestible pieces. The 7 days of the Advanced Business Coaching System; are THE 7 of his most POWERFUL razor-sharp Exponential lessons guaranteed to explode your paradigm and your income in less than seven days!

Advanced Business Coaching Systems

Fast Track Bundle

Component #2: The Fast Track Bundle

The Fast Track Bundle has been designed and compiled for aggressive business owners that not only want to get on the fast track to profits, but want to take the Next Best Step™ and start laying the foundations for exponential business growth using exponential strategies that explode your income, increase your pay-cheque consistently and turn your hidden assets into cold, hard cash – almost immediately!

The Fast Track Bundle includes EVERYTHING in the Quick Start BundlePLUS the following 3 volumes and 2 bonuses:

5. The Marketing Autopsy Report

Hundreds of Australian business people have taken The Marketing Autopsy™ to see the reason WHY they’re working harder and harder for less and less pay. This will open your eyes, shift your thinking and expose the areas in your business that are sick, cancerous and infected.

6. The Business Coaching System

These are the TOP 52 of the most powerful, devastatingly effective exponential growth strategies that Dr Marc Dussault uses privately in his own businesses. Just one of the lessons could be worth THOUSANDS, if not tens of thousands of dollars or more to your bottom-line in the next 12 months as you deploy the devastatingly powerful strategies… to out-market, out-manoeuvre and out-strategize your competition.

One thing is for sure – once you unwrap the Business Coaching System; within days you’ll be closer to where you really want to be.

7. Special Report: 'Selling Snowballs to Eskimos'Selling Snowballs to Eskimos

Selling Snowballs to Eskimos explains the 6 principles of influence you MUST use to motivate and empower more people to move to action so they enjoy every bit of it.

If you want to turbo-charge more suspects and prospects to action, engorge your business with a stampede of fresh, hot money-in-hand prospects willing, NO demanding to paying you top dollar for your product – you need to master the principles of influence and persuasion.

Bonus #5: Special Report: Tipping the Scales in Your FavourTipping the Scales in Your Favour

Tipping the Scales in Your Favour is the difference between begging people to do business with you and choosing the ones YOU want to do business with – it’s a game where the scales are tipped in your favour! 

Bonus #6: Special Report: Chump or Champion?Chump or Champion?

In business, are you a formidable player, setting the pace for others to follow or are you simply fooling yourself with disillusioned thinking…? This special report includes a self-assessment checklist that helps you determine if you’re a chump or champion entrepreneur.

Business Builder Bundle

Component #3: The Business Builder Bundle

The Business Builder Bundle has been designed for the most aggressive and demanding business owners and entrepreneurs who are hell-bent on producing maximum profits in minimum time. The Business Builder Bundle; shows you how to take maximum advantage of the hidden opportunities, assets and advantages you possess NOW, so you can turn them into cold, hard cash immediately.

The Business Builder Bundle; includes ALL 7 volumes and 6 bonuses of the Fast Track Bundle and the Quick Start Bundle PLUS the following 3 volumes and 2 bonuses:

8. Unique Selling Proposition Workshop TranscriptUnique Selling Proposition

A USP is the single most powerful element of Exponential Strategies that tilts the game in your favour, by ATTRACTING suspects and prospects to you INSTEAD of you TRYING to sell people who aren't interested in what you have to offer.

9. Host-Beneficiary Partnership Workshop TranscriptHost-Beneficiary Partnership

This transcript will show you how to get other people to GROW your business for FREE! Host-Beneficiary Partnership is the singular most powerful strategy that can catapult your business by creating multiple income streams in your existing business within days. In the Host-Beneficiary Partnership Workshop Transcript you will learn everything you need to know to turn this complex, little-understood concept into another River Of Revenue for your business.

10. Audio Program: The Exponential MasterMind

The Exponential Growth Strategist, Dr Marc Dussault, was interviewed in 2007 by a skilled newscaster who was able to capture Marc’s mindset secrets. In this 66 minute interview you get a privileged never-before-seen view into the ‘mind of a master.’ This will help you to adopt Exponential Mindset so you can define your Next Best Step that unleashes the Exponential Potential that lies hidden in your business.

Bonus #7: How to Create a Powerful Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Case Study

This case study gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of a USP. You’ll look behind the shoulder of The Exponential Growth Strategist, Dr Marc Dussault, as he skilfully puts all the pieces together to create a company USP in less than 1 hour using his Graphical Conceptual Framework.

Use it TODAY and within a week you’ll find yourself with clients banging down YOUR door begging YOU to take their money!

Bonus #8: Exponential Marketing Growth Strategy VIDEO

In this 1-hour video stream on Exponential Marketing Growth Strategy VIDEO reveals why Exponential Marketing Strategies work so well for SMEs as well as an overview of 15 marketing strategies you can tailor to your business TODAY, THIS week, THIS month with REAL LIFE examples and case studies from REAL companies, just like yours.

The VIP Mastermind Club Membership also includes the following components:

Component #4: 12 Massive Momentum Monthly MasterMind Session Audio Recordings

Massive Momentum Monthly MasterMind Session Audio RecordingsEach month, you will receive one 1-hour recording of a MasterMind Session that covered an Exponential Marketing topic in-depth drilling down into the KEY distinctions that make all the difference. You’ll hear first-hand some of the breakthroughs people experienced in REAL TIME as they uncover hidden opportunities in their business or website that until that moment lay right there under their nose, just ready to be picked up and leveraged.

Topics will change and be updated on an on-going basis with the latest, most pertinent topics and ground-breaking sessions that will be cherry-picked for you. The titles below are just a sub-sample of some of the conference calls that have taken place.

  1. Business Mastery MasterMind Session Conference Call #1: Creating Raving Fans
    How to create massive value out of thin air and produce clients who are raving fans.
  2. Business Mastery MasterMind Session Conference Call #2: Overcoming Challenges and Obstacles
    Exponential strategies for overcoming common business challenges and obstacles.
  3. Business Mastery MasterMind Session Conference Call #3: Creating Products and Management By Metrics
    How to leverage your ‘unworthy’ assets to achieve YOUR ultimate outcome.
  4. Business Mastery MasterMind Session Conference Call #4: From ‘hello’ to money in your pocket
    How to use the Pathways to Profits™ strategy to explode your profits
  5. Business Mastery MasterMind Session Conference Call #5: Exponential Cheat sheets
    How an exponential mindset creates and leverages “Cheat Sheets” to explode value into your business.
  6. Business Mastery MasterMind Session Conference Call #6: Your Next Best Steps™
    How to take your Next Best Steps™ in your business - RIGHT NOW!
  7. Business Mastery MasterMind Session Conference Call #7: Attracting Profitable Clients
    How to discover, attract, and keep the most profitable clients to dominate your marketplace.
  8. Business Mastery MasterMind Session Conference Call #8: Referral Systems
    Critical elements you MUST have in your referral systems to produce Rivers of Revenue™ for your business.
  9. Business Mastery MasterMind Session Conference Call #9: Strategic Planning
    Strategic planning to optimise and fuel your business for future success.
  10. Business Mastery MasterMind Session Conference Call #10: Exponential Business Models
    Why you MUST listen to this before you even think about creating Joint Ventures, Host-Beneficiary Partnerships and Strategic Alliances.
  11. Business Mastery MasterMind Session Conference Call #11: Exponential Value
    Are Your Clients Having a ‘Secret Affair’ behind your back? Find out how to ensure they have eyes only for you ...
  12. Business Mastery MasterMind Session Conference Call #12: The Exponential Mindset™
    How to find those little things that make a BIG difference that are out-of-the-ordinary and create extra-ordinary results.

Below is a list of excerpts from just ONE MasterMind Session to give you a taste of what’s to expect...

How to create massive value out of thin air
and produce clients who are raving fans.

In this never-before-released conference call you’ll discover:

  • How to deal with challenges succesfully (1:00)
  • Characteristics of Helplessness and how to eradicate the pattern for yourself or others (4:00)
  • Why it is crucial you clean up and change your working environment (7:30)
  • How to triple the response of your business communications (9:20)
  • How to get an internet site making you money (10:40)
  • What do your level of conviction, Reticular Activation System (RAS) and the Law of Attraction have in common? (11:27)
  • Why you must have a clear objective in mind before attempting ANY kind of communication (12:50)
  • “Value first, money second”. (14:30)
  • What you should know about finding a business that ignites your passion (15:25 )
  • 12 Questions you should ask yourself in order to create massive value for your clients (24:00)
  • Rich people say it is not about the money. Why are they right? (35:10)
  • The benefits of self selection and why you should share The Secret with your clients (39:02)
  • Think like an exponential genius to create assets and opportunities (43:26)
  • Why you should never pre-suppose the outcome (47:25)
  • The 9 key essentials for creating value for clients (49:12)

"Small business owner adds $25,000 to $50,000 in bottom-line profits in the FIRST Month of Membership!"

"With just one Exponential strategy I effortlessly took back 10 - 20 wasted hours in my business week while adding $500 - $1,000 to my weekly takings, just by changing one little thing that had been costing me time and money for YEARS. That one change is worth over $20,000 a year to my business, from wasted time to windfall profit. Best of all, it cost NOTHING to implement and my clients are paying me more than ever, and doing it HAPPILY - all in the middle of an economic downturn! - The strategies in this program really helped me, I am sure they will work for you too!"

Mark Hards
A1 Used Computers Pty. Ltd.


Component #5: Monthly Massive Momentum Monthly MasterMind Sessions

Every month, we will meet via video teleconference call to have a live, interactive MasterMind Session. In this intimate, no holds barred meetings, you will be able to ask any question you have regarding your sales, marketing and business growth activities.

For some meetings, you will have some ‘homework’ to do while other meetings will focused on a particular topic. Each Mastermind session will be targeted to members, so they will evolve as the group starts to implement the strategies. Imagine how powerful that will be for you… You will have a team of business owners helping you, guiding you to succeed!

More importantly, you will learn from them. You will learn from their mistakes as well as their triumphs. No more re-inventing the wheel! Since the meetings will be monthly, we are going to track your and the group’ progress in real time. No delays. No excuses. No hiding.

You will learn fundamental principles like Management By Metrics and Pathways To Profits that are the cornerstones of Exponential Marketing. The best thing is you won’t be taken out of your business, you will work ON your business AND get better results!

The VIP Mastermind Club is designed to start you on the path toward the Exponential Mindset to catapult your business profits onward and upward with the least amount of effort, as quickly as possible.

It’s also your own Accountability Officer that will keep you focused and on track.

You can’t do it all on your own, otherwise you already would have done it... If it hasn’t happened in the past 10-15 years, what are your chances it’s going to happen anytime soon?

Albert Einstein said it best when he said “The thinking that got us to where we are is not the thinking that will get us to where we want to be.” As an Exponential Mindset enthusiast you’ll also agree with Einstein that “Logic will ONLY get you from A to B whereas imagination will take you everywhere.”

But you need a SYSTEM that keeps you focused and on track so that you achieve your business goals in the shortest time possible. Keep in mind that most people never achieve their dreams. That’s simply because they don’t have a ‘compass’ guiding them every step on the journey to success. Instead, they end up on the road to nowhere.

As you know, it’s not enough to get pumped up every once in a while and hope that you’ll retire a millionaire. It will never happen unless you learn from other people’s mistakes, failures and slip-ups. You need to follow in the footsteps of other successful people and be held ACCOUNTABLE to a higher standard.

The reason WHY underperforming
business people STAY that way

They don’t emulate or study wealthy people, they emulate and mix with others who are in the same situation as they are.

You can’t achieve your dreams by occasionally thinking about your goals OR doing once in a while what needs to be done consistently OR depending on luck just because you think you deserve it. Life doesn’t work that way.

You need to hold yourself to a higher standard or else risk slipping back into the abyss that’s filled with excuse-making failures who once had a mighty dream that somehow never turned into reality. You must shape, build and create your dreams and do whatever it takes so YOU don’t become a statistic.

“You either live a life by default, or revolutionise it by design - otherwise you’ll become extinct by stagnation.”

Dr Marc Dussault

To get to your destination in the shortest time possible, you need a tested and proven ROADMAP with the least amount of distractions, deviations and detours.

You know how easy it is to lose focus.

Especially when you’re distracted by the daily nitty-gritty stuff of running your business fighting one crisis after the other. Without a system that keeps you focused and on track you’re basically setting yourself up for failure.


It’s simple. Because if you don’t have a SYSTEM, you’ll depend on your MOOD and do the best you can in your business. Except doing “the best you can” is never enough to build a world-class business that will provide the lifestyle you dream about and want to provide for your family.

How can you achieve your dreams when so many distractions are constantly and repeatedly beating you to the ground?

The VIP Mastermind Club personally created and hand-crafted by The Exponential Growth Strategist Dr Marc Dussault for Allegra clients, is the ultimate starting point to building a cash-flow positive company that gives you the lifestyle you deserve.

It’s all about achieving your dreams while not getting distracted by everyday issues of running your business. It’s like having your own, personal COACH that will keep you focused and motivated anytime you get off track or lose momentum.

Hey, we ALL need a kick in the butt every once in a while.

The difference between people who are successful and those who never make it is that the successful ones admit their weaknesses and fill the gap. The failures (losers) are constantly making excuses, are always busy being busy.

The tools in the VIP Mastermind Club Membership have been personally designed and assembled to get your business going and growing exponentially within MINUTES. Plus, it comes with our...

100% Money Back Guarantee100% No Fine Print, No Strings Attached, Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

These memberships are covered by our legendary 100% No Fine Print, No Strings Attached Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you are not totally and absolutely satisfied with these products for any reason, request a full refund with no questions asked, no strings attached any time within 30 days of purchase and you will be cheerfully refunded 100% of your investment without delay.

The difference between being stuck
in the ‘entrepreneurial jail’ and
enjoying a lifestyle of luxury is…

… totally dependent upon a few key strategies and actions that YOU take that your competitors don’t know about or act upon. The VIP Mastermind ClubMembership shows you how to take maximum advantage of the hidden opportunities, assets and advantages you possess NOW, the secret strategies that all super-successful people leverage as a matter of fact, automatically. These are time-tested strategies in a unique layered approach that will free you from business worries as they bullet-proof your business with profit-reinforcing strategies that work.

The VIP Mastermind Club; is for the most committed people, the ones who want to MAKE the rules rather than just follow them. They want to LEAD their marketplace. They want to make the LION’S SHARE of the profits. They want to win the AWARDS like the Entrepreneur of the Year.

VIP Mastermind Club Members self-select into the program. They don’t need to be sold on their future and potential. They know what they are missing and are willing, able and capable to make things happen.

If you’re a VIP, you already know it.

This is part of what we will teach you as you develop the Exponential Mindset - that suspects and prospects KNOW where they are on the ladder of success.

Some want to GET on the ladder of success, others (about 15%) want to move up the ladder and then there’s the top 5% who want to run up the ladder, two rungs at a time (VIP).

You know which one you are – click here to step on, up or way up the ladder of success!

The VIP Mastermind Club Membership is about making massive improvement with minimum effort using Exponential Mindset thinking. This Membership will reveal elegant solutions to problems you encounter on an on-going basis so you can start looking at making important connections, you can’t currently see let alone implement. You will gain access to a scientific system that will create the results you want and deserve.

You’ll look at things differently and gain the ability to think outside the square and search outside your normal range of activities to find solutions — solutions that mean big profits to you. You will learn closely-guarded secrets to grow your business, explode your profits with powerful strategies that will stack the card deck in your favour.

Someone once said: “Pay the price once or keep paying forever…” It’s your choice when it comes to education, training, and development. But, right now, it’s about creating results. REMOVING the pain, price or cost of business and turning the tables upside-down and producing profits when few or none existed before.

On-going $10,000/month Employee Theft

How Badly Do You Want Your Business to Prosper?

If you want to leave a legacy for yourself, one that your family would be proud to talk about… one that would motivate others to a higher level of achievement and action… You need to become a leader in your field and in your industry. Since your competitors are tough, profitable, formidable players, how can you expect to win against them empty-handed?

You need every possible advantage/short-cut and help from those who are already where you WANT to be.

It’s a decision YOU need to make. NOW, right where you are.

Anthony Robbins explains that “your level of success or wealth is directly related to the level of uncertainty you can embrace” and that “it is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

Just sitting there NOT making a decision is exactly what got you to this page in the first place. You KNOW you need to be more decisive. You KNOW you let yourself down over and over again.
We’ve all been there. The ONLY difference is that some (rich, successful) learned a long time ago that with help from a coach, mentor and/or advisor, the path to achieving ANY GOAL or DREAM can be shortened, the cost minimised and the time significantly reduced.

Your personality/belief system will ultimately determine which membership program you choose. Just keep in mind that you only get out what you put in.

It’s your choice – it’s YOUR RESULTS.

Think of it this way.

How can you lose? We offer a 100% money-back guarantee, the strategies have been tried and tested across more than 200 industries by more than 2,000 company owners, just like you and if you just got one idea per month, surely that would be worth the fee?!?!

100% Money Back Guarantee100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

These products are covered by our legendary 100% No Fine Print, No Strings Attached Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not totally and absolutely satisfied with these products for any reason, you can request a full refund with no questions asked, no strings attached any time within 30 days of purchase and you will be cheerfully refunded 100% of your investment without delay.

So for YOU and YOUR business, the decision is quite simple – what RESULTS do YOU want to create for yourself and most importantly – are you up to doubling, tripling or quintupling your sales and/or profits?

It Takes Massive Courage and Inner-Drive to Become Successful…

The universe doesn’t recognize good intention; it only recognizes the ACTION which comes from good intention.

You have to step off the cliff to fly,
Not think about it,
Not know about it,
Not have the good intention to step off it.
You have to do it!

Most people are never successful because they have no system, no mentors, coaches or advisors and absolutely no clue what to do. Your success is too important to be left to chance. If you do that, you will probably never be successful, the odds are stacked against you.

If Nothing Changes – Nothing Changes!

Today, in a world that’s mobbed with ruthless competition, savvy and demanding consumers who have an abundance of choices which could turn your product/service obsolete literally overnight -- you must figure out how to bullet-proof and fortify your business on a regular, on-going basis. You must leverage other people’s talents, knowledge, experience, expertise, failures and mistakes to increase your chances of success.

 You must take decisive action or else become a ‘road-kill’ on the entrepreneurial super-highway.

“It is in our moments of INdecision that our dreams are destroyed.”

Dr Marc Dussault

When you join The VIP Mastermind Club you will be among many other determined, decisive and ambitious achievers that will help you to tip the scales in your favour, lifting you and your company above all others.

Your business will become the only choice for your suspects’, prospects’ and clients’. You’ll start having more fun. You’ll start shaping your destiny in a way that makes you proud. You’ll have enough time and energy for your friends and family. You’ll create a lifestyle your closest friends will envy. When you’ve got things clicking with the other VIP Mastermind Club Members, there’s no limit to what you and your business can do!

Printer helps himself by helping
HIS clients grow THEIR businesses

Eugene Montanez

The VIP Mastermind Club program has far surpassed my expectations! Having other business owners in the same room, with similar issues and challenges is a great environment to experience the processes and frameworks needed to overcome obstacles and complete tasks, campaigns and projects successfully. It’s priceless.

Marc keeps the discussions on track, not wasting our valuable time that can be a problem when many type A entrepreneurs get in a room. This is not a therapy group where people share their misery and seek emotional support, instead we identify problems with laser focus and attack each one with a systematic approach that is customized to each business so we remain authentic and genuine to who we are with our clients. This is not one of those ’cookie cutter’ approaches so many business coaches use.

Eugene Montanez
Formerly Zap Printing & Graphics 127 Radio Road - Corona, CA 92879

The following components are included in your VIP Mastermind Club Membership

Please click on the hyperlinks below for further product and program descriptions.


Secure, fully encrypted server, pay with confidence

Secure Payment Gateway catered for Mastercard, VISA and Amex Payments

And remember: this product is backed by our No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee. Inspect the product at your leisure for a full 30 days before making your final decision. If you're not 100% satisfied with the value, simply contact us to arrange a prompt and courteous refund. You can't lose!

100% Money Back Guarantee100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

These products are covered by our legendary 100% No Fine Print, No Strings Attached Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not totally and absolutely satisfied with these products for any reason, you can request a full refund with no questions asked, no strings attached any time within 30 days of purchase and you will be cheerfully refunded 100% of your investment without delay.


Please Note: This unique program is sponsored by Allegra, which is why we are able to bring it to you at this incredible price. You benefit from the economies of scale as a result of the other members of the MasterMind Group! It's a win-win-win proposition. Welcome to the world of Exponential Expansion!

Listen to what existing VIP Mastermind Club members have to say

Unique, interesting, one-of-a-kind

Judy Casanola

It's difficult to find the words that describe the intelligence and experience you bring to your presentations and workshops. I have listened to many speakers in the past and none come close to your unique style of interacting and engaging people in the room. You have an energy that is infectious and fun - but it all has a purpose. Everyone needs to know you exist - you are a celebrity, in the positive sense of the word - unique, interesting, one-of-a-kind.

Judy Casanola
Business Development Manager
Classic Coating Systems

Marc tells you the truth
so you avoid costly mistakes

Kurt Shafer

As an inventor and the owner of several companies as well as many websites, I can truthfully say that Dr Marc Dussault is the most impressive business coach I have yet to encounter. He is at the top of my list for business advice and business training in what has become a competitive and complicated world, especially when you consider the leverage and complexities of Internet commerce and social media.

I appreciate that Marc reveals fallacies like social media for small business is a usually a total waste of time, effort and money. It’s refreshing to finally hear the truth and understand why they exist and what to do to counter-act them.

Best of all, I love that most of what Marc teaches is free or costs less than traditional approaches to sales and marketing.

Kurt Shafer

Marc will open your eyes to the
possibilities that lie within your business

Mike Quraishi

Since I joined the VIP Mastermind Club, Marc has provided sales and marketing tips and techniques we did not know existed. This has given us a whole new perspective on how we can grow our business by attracting potential customers to us instead of going after them. This is something very new to us.

As a consequence, our thought process towards growth has changed tremendously. Wow!!! What an eye opener.

Marc's expertise and experience are amazing. I am very much impressed and looking forward to grow our business by 50% this year by using his techniques. I highly recommend anyone who wants to grow their businesses to join the group.

Mike Quraishi
Aladdin Cleaning Services Inc

A great source of fresh, new ideas

Kimberly Irey

Dear Marc, Although I have only been in the programs one month and only attended one VIP Mastermind Session, I can truly say I have learned more than I expected in such a short time.

It’s a great feeling working with someone who cares about your success. I have enjoyed working with you so far and I am already looking forward to the next session! Your program has caused me to stop and think; and because of that, I feel like I have already made tremendous progress in moving my business to the next level.

Thank you Dr. Marc, for your wonderful program and I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

Kimberly Irey
Office Manager
Business Telecommunication Systems Inc

Marc will tell you what you NEED
to hear which might not be
the same as what you WANT to hear

Vincent Amatulli

Marc, I have learned more in the last month from your meetings, emails and articles about how to promote my professional presence than in the past 5 years - combined!

I knew about LinkedIn and Facebook, but your methods have been teaching me how to exploit these new media, in conjunction with a website to drive clients to me rather than me trying to cold call on clients who don’t need my services.

I especially appreciated the constructive criticism about focusing on what I do best as a certified public accountant so I make the most of every minute (and dollar) I spend growing my business.

Thanks for all you help and reminding me to focus on what I do well.

Vincent Amatulli
Vincent P. Amatulli

1% Improvements are easy.
If I can do it, I’m sure you can!

Lenny Edwards

After being involved in the VIP Mastermind Club Program for only one month, I have already raised the bar in my thinking - especially exponential thinking and without joining the VIP Mastermind Group this would not have happened. I know in order for things to change, I have to change otherwise it isn't going to happen. At first I was overwhelmed with information but after talking with Marc via email, I found that just making small changes, 1% at a time is all it takes to make a start.

As with anything in life, the moment you make a decision to start something new (VIP), (Lose weight) whatever, everything around you tries to disrupt and take you off course. With others in the VIP Club/program, it'a a lot easier to stick with it because they are in it for the same reason as I am - to make a positive change and grow my/their business.

I know this is a journey not a destination so with the help of both Marc and my VIP team members, we are becoming exponential in our thinking and actions, which will leverage what we need to attain (our outcomes) and we just need to stay stead, one day at a time, 1% at a time and associate with someone who has and is living exponentially!!

Join us, and let's do something remarkable!

Lenny Edwards
LT Enterprises/LT Office products